Your Old Fashioned Neighborhood Butcher Shop

Offering a neighborhood butcher shop has been a dream of mine for a couple of years.  I love knowing i’ll be able to offer quality beef, pork, chicken for our Farm Friends.  I’ll also have eggs and honey from the farm and whatever extra veggies I decide to grow.  There will also be goats milk starting in March and I’m working on having lamb in the store.

The Lazy B Farm FB page will post weekly the list of available meats.

Another advantage, pick up will be in our Farm Store where we will have other items for sale.  Most are handcrafted from our resources here at the Lazy B.  So if you’re looking for a special gift for another or yourself, you never know what you might find!

How does PICK UP work?

Place your meat order via email or text to 770.289.2301 by Sunday evening.  I’ll package up your items and you may pick up on Tuesdays from 9a – 7p in the Farm Store.

Lazy B Farm Beef Cuts and Prices                                                               Farm Eggs – $4.50 per dozen

Hamburger Patties – 4 to a package – $9                                                 Lazy B Honey – $10 per jar (13 oz)

Ground Beef – $7.50 per pound                                                           Goats Milk – $6 per half gallon (bring jars)

Stew Beef – $7 per pound                                                             Pastured Chicken: roasters  – $4.50 per pound

Cube Steaks –$6 per pound

For the Grill

Sirloin Steak –$10 per pound

Ribeye Steak – $15 per pound

NY Steak – $18 per pound

T-Bone Steak – $19 per pound

Filet –$20 per pound

Short Ribs – $7 per pound


Shoulder Roast – $7.50 per pound

Sirloin Tip Roast – $8 per pound

Rump Roast – $7.50 per pound

Chuck Roast – $8 per pound


Liver – $4 per pound

Soup Bones –$4 per pound

Tongue – $4 per pound

Kidney – $4 per pound

Oxtail – $5 per pound

Beef Cheek – $6 per pound


Lazy B Farm Pastured Pork

Boston Butt – $8 per pound

Pork Chops – bone in – $6 per pound

Hams – $7 per pound

Picnic Ham – $7 per pound

Pork Ribs – $8 per pound

Sausage: hot & mild – $6 per pound

Pork Belly – $7 per pound

Lard – $3 per pound

Ham Hocks – $4 per pound

Pig feet – $3 per pound

Pork Skin – $3 per pound

Fat Back – $3 per pound