Honey Harvest

“What a lot of fun, not to mention educational – and tasty! My family was able to not only see the whole honey-harvesting process, but actually roll up our sleeves and join in.”           Johnny Franklin

 Honey Harvest Day happens once a year at the end of June or the beginning of July.  Each participant will help to harvest the honey from the honeycombs in our hives.  Take a taste of honey, comb and all, and see what you think!  Learn how much time and effort it takes our honeybees to make all this honey.

On this day, the majority of the learning comes from hands-on experience.  Each family will leave with a “thank you!” jar of honey to take home.

 This class is limited, so please sign up immediately if you’re interested in joining us for this fun, sticky day!

Date: July 11

Time: 9 – noon

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