No matter the weather, the critters still need to eat!  So out into the ice and snow we go…

Everything was covered in ice – even the gates, which made it a little difficult getting through the pastures and stalls.



I love feeding the wild birds… Filled all the feeders and then threw some on the ground – buffet style!  Also, the Guineas will feed from here too.  Today I saw Fox Sparrows, Juncos, Tufted Titmouses, Cardinals, Flickers, Chickadees, Robins, Brown Thrashers…and that was while I was standing there 🙂



These girls flew from the door of the hen house onto the scratch!  Chickens are so funny about the snow…


The Guineas, however, are a little whiny today – hating all this white stuff….



“cold feet, cold feet, cold feet…” as they quickly pick up their feet while walking.



The Silkies are actually quite toasty in their covered tractor.  And the mama Silkie continues to be faithful in sitting on her 3 eggs.  They should hatch any day now…




Communal breakfast this morning…



And poor Rosie 🙁  This weather makes for very bad hair days!



All the rest are doing well.  All are fed and watered and have shelter to stay as warm as they can.  Just another day of homesteading here in the South 😉