Last Sunday, Lynn and I had to take 2 steers to the butcher.

We had a dilemma, however.  We needed to know how much the steers weighed so we could start learning how to “eye” a steer and give a good guess on the weight.

After some discussion, we decided the best thing to do would be to take the truck and trailer to a truck scale.

My truck is not small by any means, but in comparison to a tractor trailer truck, it’s a midget!

Lynn ran inside to see if this would be possible…

Yes, just follow the instructions posted on the scale.

Reading, reading, reading …problem with the 4th instruction.  And I have no clue how to slide an axle on the scale, so I guess that one didn’t apply.

I didn’t have a problem with waiting for a response.  I could be very patient when I needed to be.

It was “press the button” that was going to be a little difficult!

Even when we pulled the truck onto the scale, those little yellow buttons were above our heads!

Don’t tell Dave, but Lynn had to quickly step on the plastic pocket on the inside of the door and kind of jump to smash the button.  It only took 2 tries and then we finally heard the voice in the box 🙂

So we weighed the truck and the trailer with the 2 steers and then stopped again on the way back with an empty trailer and weighed again.

Subtracted the one weight from the other and voila!  We had the weight for our two steers.  Divided that number by two and called it close enough 🙂

And besides, it was way easier to use the truck scale than to try and lift the steer in our arms and step on the bathroom scale!