Yesterday was a good day in the vegetable garden.  As Dave and I walked through the garden last night, he commented on how nice it looked.

“Thanks.  This has been a tough year trying to get the garden in on time.  Family life’s been very full! It’s taken me forever to get this garden back into shape.”

“I know.  But I think we’ve learned that at the end of the season we need to till under the entire garden and not wait until spring.”

Thank goodness for Rochelle, my intern for the farm.  She’s been a huge help in getting me back on track.  For a couple of weeks, all we did was weed.  She came to learn about vegetable gardening – she’s earned an A in vegetable garden weeding!

Yesterday, we finally were able to start putting in plants, transplanting, and sowing seeds.

Gardening, at times, creates a dilemma.  Family happenings don’t always allow for the kind of time needed to get my garden going.  And Mother Nature’s clock stops for no one!

So you do the best you can…

When you can…

And give yourself some grace …  ( I’m not very good at this but I’m working on it.)

Those planting schedule charts aren’t 100% correct – I’m constantly throwing in plants and pushing the margin for their growing season – it’s part of the learning and seeing what works and what doesn’t work.

I also watch for “volunteer” plants, the plants that come back because I let previous year’s veggies go to seed.  I found a whole bunch of Roma tomato seedlings yesterday – so I moved them to their new spot.

I’m horrible at starting seeds in the house.  They never seem to make it to the outdoors.  So I just allow Mother Nature to do it for me – that way I’m also positive when they should be planted!

Lauren helped me in the garden yesterday – barefoot and no gloves – that’s how she likes to garden.  I loved my time with her…

The smell of spring dirt, cool breezes, the occasional waft of honeysuckle…

And uninterrupted time for talking and sharing.

The garden is truly one of my favorite places to spend time with my children.

It’s funny.  When my vegetable garden is in order, there is a sense of order to the rest of my homestead.  I don’t feel so overwhelmed and burdened.

Since it’s overcast and cool this morning, I’m headed back to the garden to move more plants – perfect weather for that task.

Thanks to all my Gardening friends for your patience these last couple of weeks.  Now we move forward to the season of warm weather crops!