It’s December 29, 2013 and I’m sitting at my desk thinking.  It’s quiet because all the kids are still asleep and the dogs and the cats have already been through their morning routine- you know, “let me out!”  “Let me in”  “Let me out again” and finally, “Let me in.”


2013 was a whirlwind, a ton of changes, and a year full of lots and lots of memories.   As much as I loved the year and all it brought, I don’t want to do it again, at least not at the same pace.


Over the next several months, I’ll share highlights and low lights of 2013, partly for you but mostly for me.  I want to remember and tuck away in my heart, all those little moments that are so easily forgotten.

I can assure you that if you asked each of us in this family how they viewed this last year, all the answers would be a little different.  We each played a different role in the events that took place; we each viewed situations from our own perspective….

That’s why each of the blogs I write will be from my Point of View – a position from which something is observed or considered.


I’m excited about 2014, the horizon is clear and unobstructed as I sit here at my desk on December 29.  The pages of my calendar fairly empty…

I’m all about the journey and sharing and having friends along on this path of life.

And so we begin….one step at a time, one picture at a time.

Foot step