One aspect I love about homeschooling is the opportunity for creativity in teaching.  Several years ago, Dave and I decided that each child needed to have a Senior trip after they graduated from high school, but it had to be part of their homeschool curriculum.  We decided this would be the “project” that would help them transition into real life.

Victoria is our third child to graduate from high school and tomorrow she and I are leaving for her Senior trip.

This is her Senior project – she must plan the entire trip, front to back, all the details.

Dave and I give our kids a budget to work with and they plan their trip.

Victoria chose where she would like to go and we’re headed to San Francisco, California.

My brothers live in Elk Grove and we’ll be staying with them and their families for part of the time.

Tori had to get the airline tickets, call on the rental car, and check schedules with my brothers.

She planned our itinerary while we’re in the Sacramento area, searching the internet for available options.

We used to live in the Santa Cruz area and Tori wanted to go to the ocean.  So she booked a hotel in Half Moon Bay where we’ll stay for 2 nights.

She has her notebook ready with the itinerary for the trip, copies of reservations and tickets to different events, maps for driving, and necessary phone numbers, along with the budget for each day.  She even knows how much money we can spend at the Jelly Belly Factory!

This will be my third trip with the kids.  In 2006, Catherine and I went to Calgary, Canada and enjoyed the Stampede, white water rafting, horseback riding in the mountains, and hiking around Lake Louise.

Two years ago, I went to Bar Harbor, Maine with Lauren where we drove and hiked the coast through Arcadia, Camden, and Portsmouth while she took pictures of light houses.  We also went ocean kayaking in Camden.

And this year, Tori and I are off to California!  I absolutely treasure these trips, being completely available to my child.  I smile at how different each trip has been, indicative of their individual personalities and interests.

My favorite part about this week long trip…

the transition from teacher to friend and all the one on one time I will have with my most favorite Victoria in the whole wide world 🙂