I must admit, we’re very fortunate to live so close to UGA.  Each year they open up the Vet School to the public and this year we were finally able to attend.  I was quite impressed.  The event is coordinated and run by the Freshman Class as one of their first year projects.

The day was beautiful and the crowds were huge!  The entire Vet School campus inside and out was full of all kinds of exhibits and demonstrations.

They had camels, llamas, a zebra, and various farm animals outside in pens.  The kids could take a tour of the hospital for large and small animals – fascinating.

This horse was hand painted to show the inside on the outside!

The first time I saw this cow, I was a bit taken aback until I understood how vital this cow is to other ruminant animals who’ve been through surgery.

For more information on a “fistulated cow”, look up this link:  http://daviswiki.org/Fistulated_Cow

Squish found a new friend and boy, is he cute!

It was a little warm on this day and the water was very good – we held his ears for him so they wouldn’t get wet 🙂

The Vet School put on all kinds of demonstrations throughout the day.

One of the demonstrations was showing how dogs were trained to retrieve birds.

This little 5 month old is a Flat Coated Lab from Denmark.  She’s being trained as a field dog and they brought her out to be socialized.

They had agility demonstrations with all types of dogs and skill levels.

This little Chihuahua was not fond of the teeter totter, mainly because it didn’t have enough weight to get it to tip!

Into the tunnel and out the other side…

I do believe the trainers got just as much exercise as the dogs!

They also had a demonstration for “Fly Ball.”  If you’ve never seen this canine sport, you’re missing out.

The dogs (most all of them are mutts) run over jumps, slam into a board at the end – a ball pops out , they catch the ball in their mouth, turn and run back over the jumps.  It’s a relay sport and there are 4 dogs on a team.  It’s a fast sport and very exciting!  The dogs love it!

This little terrier was in training and had a hard time remembering to go over the jumps on the return.

Not a problem for this one!  He was just so excited to have the ball 🙂

We had a great time at the Open House and will certainly be back next year.

Thanks Freshman Class – you did an outstanding job!