It’s an unwritten law in homeschooling to pick up live animals from the road – unless of course, they are hazardous to your health or financial well-being.  Did you know, in the state of GA, you can get a permit for $25 that allows you to pick up dead animals on the roadside?  Think of all the science projects one could perform on a single carcass!  The first study  — bacteria and germs 🙂

Last week, Lolo and Toto were out shopping and when they came home, Toto jumped out of the van announcing, “Hey!  Look what I found!!”

They’d been driving along when  Toto spotted this turtle crawling across the road.  Lolo stopped and Toto rushed to pick up the turtle before anything happened to it.

Upon arrival at our home, there was much “investigating” and frustration with the fact that this turtle was not very sociable.

The kids tried everything they knew to get that turtle to come out of its shell.

Sawyer had a few ideas of his own!

Finally, the turtle was left alone on the kitchen table in a container with a few grapes, the rest of the family went on to their various activities.

Dave just happened to arrive when the turtle was trying to make a fast get away.

Unfortunately for that turtle,

he wasn’t as fast as my 10 year old who quickly snatched him up to have a closer look.

As you know – one of the best kinds of learning comes through observation.

After the turtle endured a little bit more poking and prodding….

We honored his efforts for escape and set him free outdoors.