Well, my hives made it through the winter and I didn’t lose any.  I feel very fortunate because it’s so common to lose at least one hive.

Talked to a gentleman in the mountains who lost 16 of his 17 hives.

As you can see by the pictures, the girls hit the nectar flow with a bang!  Three supers on almost all the hives already…

and the hives are FULL of bees.

I’ve split 2 hives already with 3 more to split.  I had been told before that when a hive was split that one of the hives had to be moved to another location.

Another beekeeper told me it wasn’t necessarily so and that I could keep the split hive in the same location- just keep an eye on the hive without the queen.

So far so good – the bees have stayed in the new hive.

I recently looked into my hives and realized I was going to be short on supplies if these girls kept up at the current rate.

It’s only March and the nectar flow continues to the beginning of June.

Cross your fingers!  This year we may see a bumper crop of honey.

I took inventory of my supplies and then guesstimated what I would need….

A quick trip to the local feed store that’s now carrying beekeeping supplies to purchase more frames and supers and two more complete hives.

I’m determined to be ready for swarms this season!

This time of year is labor intensive for beekeepers…always trying to guess what the bees will be doing next-

whether those bees will stay put or split and swarm to a nearby tree.

But in June, when we harvest that “liquid gold”, we are reminded once again…

it’s so worth all the effort!