I attended an Herbal class taught by Patricia Howell this weekend at the Georgia Organics Conference.  She was wonderful as a speaker and so knowledgeable.  I’m doing a hike in the Appalachians with her this summer – that will be another blog!

Ms. Howell’s lecture covered the top 10 sustainable herbs everyone should know and grow.  I was so excited to realize I had most of her list already growing in my yard.  One of them is Rosemary.  I love Rosemary and have a lot of it growing around.

Of course, I wasn’t sure how I should feel when it was said that Rosemary likes poor soil.  Mine is growing like a weed and it’s right next to my garden!  Hmmmm.

Ms. Howell covered all the medicinal uses for each of the herbs she highlighted.

Today, in particular, I was in dire need of Rosemary…

Aside from it’s great culinary uses, Rosemary is also used for stimulating digestion, an anti-depressant, preventing cancer and heart disease and as an anti-inflammatory.

But the one use I needed desperately today – Rosemary improves cognitive function and memory!!

So I made myself some herbal Rosemary tea…and if you’d like to join me for a “brain re-charge”, I’ll show you how it’s made.

I cut the Rosemary from the garden then stripped off the leaves into a quart Mason jar.

It’s important to macerate the leaves.  Sounds impressive, huh?  It just means to cut or bruise the leaves before putting them in the jar.

Pour boiling water over the herb…

cover with a lid to keep steam in the jar, and let steep for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, strain the liquid through a strainer to keep the herbs out.

And enjoy!!!  (you might want to add a little honey – it tastes a bit like a Christmas tree)

I’m drinking mine as I type and the brain synapses are firing on all cylinders now….well, at least I’m hoping it will happen soon!

Oh yeah- I see in my notes it says to drink daily.  Okay, so give me a week 🙂