So a friend of mine told me about this 100 Days of Real Food Challenge and I agreed to do it with her.  Now, those of you who know me, also know my mantra is, I’ll grow the food but I won’t cook it!  Nice as that sounds, it really doesn’t happen in my home 🙂

But when I discover something easy, I run with it!!  So is the case with this real food pizza that Ali made for me today.

Michael bought this pizza maker for the family for Christmas and it’s been used almost everyday since.  He bought it from Walmart and it was around $25.



What’s great is that this devise will make individual pizzas and it takes 4 minutes to cook.  They’ve also made scrambled eggs and pancakes in this pizza maker.

Lauren or Ali makes the dough and then freezes it into individual balls.


When they’re ready for a pizza, they pull out a dough ball, thaw it and proceed to make a pizza of their choosing.  It’s wonderful and they’ve been eating more veggies on their pizzas.

The girls have been using white flour for the dough… but in honor of the Real Food Challenge, I asked Ali if she would make the dough with ground whole wheat flour.  The pizza was terrific!!!  She used a little tomato sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and some of our own pesto goat cheese.  It was so yummy!!  AND it fits the criteria for the Real Food Challenge 🙂

Real pizza