I received my new chicks on February 6th – all 26.  They stayed in the brood box for the first 6 weeks until they were fully feathered.

When the chicks are fully feathered, they’re able to be moved outside.

I did wait until we had a stretch of warmer weather and then into the Chicken Tractor they all went…

I love their first introduction to grass and dirt!  No one needs to show these girls what to do – they begin scratching the soil looking for bugs and tasting the ends of the blades of grass.  So much better than that Chick feed 🙂

I ordered the Rainbow Collection but I think they made a mistake and gave me the “Monochromatic Collection”!

Oh wait….there’s one red girl in the whole lot.

These pullets will live in the Chicken Tractor until they begin to lay eggs and then they’ll be moved over to the hen house.

So much better in here than in that brood box!