Several years ago, while I was in Canada with my eldest, Dave and the rest of the kids, built a potting shed for me.

It was probably the hottest week of the summer here in GA but they were so excited about their surprise for me.

I LOVED the new building and was reluctant to put any dirty tools in the shed because I had so much fun decorating it.

As with a lot of outbuildings around a farm, it soon became a storage place for items that had no home but were sure to be used in the future 🙂

There were a lot of “treasures” in this potting shed only you couldn’t find them for all the other junk that was tossed in there.

As Dave put it, this building became overwhelming and depressing.

It’s been on my to-do list for a while, I was just waiting for the right moment to attack this monumental mess.

Lynn SirLouis had been to a couple of the Ladies’ Homestead Gatherings and one night we were chatting…

She was experiencing some major life changes but the door was opening for her to pursue what she really wanted to do – an opportunity to follow some dreams and passions.

She’d been up in the garden one night before our Ladies’ Homestead Gathering meeting and she asked me about the potting shed.

I winced and said yeah – it was in sore need of a make-over and I really wanted to turn it into a Farm Store.

She lit up.  This was her forte, her passion…

Lynn loved to transform spaces.  She asked if she could take on this project.

Oh gee – I really had to think about this one…for a about a second!

Yes, of course!

Lynn came out on a Thursday and started to gut the building,

It truly is amazing how much “stuff” you can cram into a space.  This is after the 3 – 4 large garbage bags full were removed.

And truthfully, I couldn’t get it all in one shot.

We chose a color scheme and she asked me what I liked – a look and feel.

Then Lynn went to work…

This is an antique window that Dave purchased from another friend of mine, Christine, who owns Along the Line Antiques in downtown Statham.

It’s beautiful and the view looks out over a ten acre pasture next door.

Lynn painted the edge black and it “popped”!

We chose a sage green hue for paint.  I wanted all the natural wood left as is – I love old wood.  The rest of the back wall was painted.

Lynn also bought a complimentary green stain for the floor.  It looks fabulous!!

The front doors were painted this burnt orange/red color.

Lynn transformed the old white cupboard that was stuffed in the back of the shed.

The honey displays so beautifully in the case.

Lynn took and old drawer from a small cabinet that I was going to throw away and painted the drawer with chalkboard paint so I could write the price for the shirts on the front.  Great idea and I love the look.

I was given this antique scale and we took the egg basket from the kitchen to display eggs out in the farm store.

The kids and I put in the farm bell.  It belonged to my family and we had it at our home in NH.


Lynn’s not finished yet but I couldn’t wait to show you what she’s done so far.

The best part about all this??

Her passion and mission is using items that I already own and if something is needed – off to Goodwill she goes!

The name of her new business??

The Tightwad Decorator 🙂

I love it and I really love the new look for our Lazy B Farm Store!