My cell phone rang at 6:30 this morning – it was the Post Office calling to let me know my chicks had arrived.  I headed out into the frigid morning, cup of coffee in hand, and hopped into my “chick chariot.”

It was cold this morning, snow flurries reported not far from us, so I cranked the heat hoping it would be warm enough inside for the chicks.

We live about 3 miles from the Statham post office – a fairly quick trip.

The post office isn’t officially open at this time of the morning, unless of course, you’re picking up livestock.  Then you must go to the special window and ring the bell.

I could hear my baby birds chirping away behind this door.

Another gentleman came in behind me and commented on the unusual package – the one that was peeping.  I said, “Yeah, but at least I didn’t order bees!”

Whenever we bring home new animals, our dogs are the first to be introduced.  Somehow they just know they are supposed to take care of them and not harm them.

All 26 survived!!  A first for me.  Usually there is at least one that doesn’t make it.  I ordered all hens this time – I didn’t feel like dealing with roosters.

This little one is the smallest of the bunch but very feisty…

It’s a little too cold today to put them out in our brood box so I put them all in a plastic container with my son’s bed lamp attached to the side.

Before we put them in the box, we dipped their beaks in some water.

To think that at two days old, they’ve flown on a plane and traveled by truck hundreds of miles.  But now they’re all snug in their new home in GA… and the sound of incessant peeping fills our home once again!