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The Lazy B Farm

EST. 2003

Lazy B Farm is your destination spot for experiencing the homesteading lifestyle. We offer Farm Stays, Farm to Table dinners, hands-on workshops, and farm tours.

Farm Experiences

Calendar of  Upcoming Events at The Lazy B Farm




13 – 16: Speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania


4 – 5: Holiday Charcuterie Workshop with Meredith Leigh

11: Kitchen Confidence – Bone Broth and Chicken Feet

18: Speaking at Mother Earth News Fair in Kansas

26: Farm to Table Dinner


  2nd: Statham Homestead Trail

9th: Chicken Butchering Workshop   9a – noon




11th: First Class for Beekeeping

:Frolic for NLHG



2nd: #2 Class for Beekeeping

14 – 17th: speaking at Mother Earth News in Texas

21 – 23rd: NLHG Leadership Retreat in Asheville, NC



6th: Felting with Fiber     6:30-9p

7th: #3 Class for Beekeeping

27 – 29th: Homesteading 101 Weekend



4th: #4 Class for Beekeeping

24 – 26th: speaking at Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, NC



9th: #5 Class for Beekeeping    9 – noon

16th: Herbal Teas and Tinctures  9 – noon

30th: Farm to Table Dinner



5 – 7th: speaking at Mother Earth News Fair in Maryland

20th: #6 Class for Beekeeping – Harvesting Honey!

27th: Hog Butchering Workshop with Meredith Leigh
















Blogs from the Farm


The best part of homesteading is the accumulation of ALL the stories from daily life – both the good and the not so good.  

Yep, she got my goat!

I have been told that the true test of someone's character is how they behave when no one is looking... We're milking goats now.  Every day. I have two old goats - they know the routine.  They jump on the stand, put their head through the head gate and eat all the...

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Heading to Alaska… again!

Twenty-one years ago, the summer between my Junior and Senior year of college, I traveled to Alaska by myself.  There was a college student from my church in NH who was a bush pilot in AK during the summer and he knew some people I could stay with up there.....so I...

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Winter Ice Storm – Feb 12, 2014

No matter the weather, the critters still need to eat!  So out into the ice and snow we go... Everything was covered in ice - even the gates, which made it a little difficult getting through the pastures and stalls.   I love feeding the wild birds... Filled all...

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Meet Jack Frost…

  He's the first calf to be born in our new cow herd.  It’s a pretty big deal for me…   Lazy B Farm started selling beef wholesale to the public many years ago.  Two years ago, we started selling our beef commercially which means we obtained our own private...

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Welcome 2014!

2014…..   It’s December 29, 2013 and I’m sitting at my desk thinking.  It’s quiet because all the kids are still asleep and the dogs and the cats have already been through their morning routine- you know, “let me out!”  “Let me in”  “Let me out again” and...

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Our Mission

To offer a tranquil country hideaway for the refreshment of mind, body and soul; to provide a quality farm environment and classes for increased knowledge in sustainability.

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