Open Farm Day

Lazy B Farm is a homestead, our home.  Therefore, we are careful not keep our gates to the farm open all the time.  After all, we have a lot of work to do to keep up with all the farm chores!

We’ve had so many requests for “drop-by’s” and unless you’re here for a class or picking up meat, there really is no other time to “drop by.”  Until now!!

June 15th is our Open Farm Day – a day for you to drop by and see what all goes on here at the Lazy B Farm.  We love our home and our farm and are excited to share what we’ve learned with you.   If we can encourage you in your homesteading pursuits, or quell some of your curiosity about what happens behind our gates, then we welcome you to our Lazy B Farm Open Farm Day!

Because our parking is limited, we are taking reservations for this day.  Please sign up for your visit to the Lazy B Farm.  We look forward to seeing you!

9am – 11:00am

noon – 2pm

3pm – 5pm