I decided in August that we would start having “work weekends.”  One day a month we all would work together on different projects around the farm.  It’s worked really well and the best part – it’s fun when we all work together.

Our work day for October was Friday the 15th.  Our main focus – clean up and tidy up the farm!

All of us met at Kinderhof at 8am and we read off the work list.

For my kids, I’ve found they do better when there’s a list with all the jobs written out.  I broke up the farm into areas and the different tasks that had to be accomplished in each area.  The biggest benefit to this system?  Every time they asked me “what’s next?” I referred them to the clipboard!

Everyone chose a job that needed to be done in Kinderhof.

Megan volunteered to scoop mulch with the tractor.

Michael and his friend, J, raked the whole yard around the cabin and picked up pine cones for our fireplace – they make great fire starters!

Even Sawyer wanted to know what he could do to help!  Actually he was pleading with his mom (Tori) to get his ball back from Molly.  She’d stolen it from him and Sawyer was not happy.

After Kinderhof, we cleaned up the goat area and then moved to the front yard.  Tori cut up apples and we took a small break.

Catherine had come home from working night shift at the hospital and didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  Lauren had class in the morning but was home now.  Yes!  A bigger work force!

Catherine had the dubious task of trimming the front hedges of holly.

The rest of the crew started on the wood shed area.  They raked pine straw and moved cinder blocks and bricks to a different area.

All the pine straw went to the fire pit…

We had a fire going all day and the smell of campfire was wonderful!

Michael and J started taking nails out of recycled boards that I’ll use to build a picket fence.  Not a fun job at all but hey, some one had to do it!

Meanwhile, Lauren and Megan began hauling up the “yucky” wood from the wood shed area…

And we added it to the fire in the fire pit.

The two of them brought up a load of broken bricks and they found a guest who had hitched a ride!

It was just a baby so I picked it up so we could get some pictures.  Some of my kids wanted a closer look….

And others wanted to get as far away as possible!

After checking the internet, I think it was a Mole King Snake but I’m not certain.

With all the activity around the farm, the Guineas decided it was best to hang out with the meat chickens.

And, as happens every work day – a competition broke out…

This water barrel was broken and we were moving it.  Michael hopped over it so effortlessly and of course, my girls were not to be out done…

I must admit, his form was going to be a bit hard to beat.

Tori tried first….

…and tipped the barrel over and landed on top of it!

Megan tried next and almost made it….

…but she didn’t quite have the height and hit the back of her thighs on the rim of the barrel and boy, did that hurt!  She has some impressive bruises to prove her efforts 🙂

Squish had the right idea…

She cleared it with no problem 🙂

Okay, everyone back to work.

Meg and J worked in the garden weeding some of the squares.

Ali checked for eggs…

While the chickens checked out their new nesting boxes that J and Michael had hung.

At 3:45, we all met in the kitchen to peel apples for applesauce.  We told stories and laughed a lot and worked an hour longer than we were scheduled to work.

We processed a whole bushel of apples – many hands make light work!

All work stopped at 5p, showers were had, pizza eaten, and we left for an evening of fun and frolic at the Washington Farm Corn Maze, very pleased with all that had been accomplished during our work day.