I have never thought of myself as normal.  In fact, to my closest friends, I often refer to myself as “odd”, “weird”, “marches to the beat of a different drummer”, “swimming upstream while everyone else is swimming downstream”…  You get the idea.

So beware if I should call you and say something like,”Hey, you wanna come over and hang out today…and maybe do somethin’ fun?!”  It will not be “normal” fun, it will be completely different!

On Friday, I had planned to butcher my meat chickens and to start culling the old hens in the hen house.  Leigh and Ruth got that call I just mentioned.  The best part??  They were willing to join me in a fun-filled day of butchering 🙂

Okay, so maybe I had previously mentioned the fact that I butchered my own chickens and they both wanted to learn.  Even still, a lot of times people “say” they want to learn but when I call they have something “to do” and “maybe later.”

Not so with these gals!

They were both quick learners…

I butchered the first chicken to show them how it’s done and then they were on their own!

I’m a firm believer that the best learning happens when you “do”, just jump in and get your hands dirty…

Of course, I was working right alongside them and answered questions and re-demonstrated the parts that were a little more difficult.

In spite of the activity – we did all the “normal” girly things…laughed together, told stories, shared dreams and struggles, talked about our families.  It’s just our hands were a little messy, that’s all.

And just because we were butchering chickens doesn’t mean that we dismissed the finer things of life…

I pulled out my special china teacups and we stopped our work to enjoy a cup of tea!

You see, all work and no tea makes farm girls…unrefined!

Tea and butchering just strengthen that bond of friendship, and makes for interesting conversation when you’re with other friends.

And we certainly didn’t want to be selfish with our experience.

Our younger girls are in training…

And as soon as they perfect their skill…

They too can enjoy a good cup of tea with the older girls!

Kind of like a rite of passage for chicken butchering!