I’m a firm believer in writing up resolutions for the New Year.  I figure if I do even one day of the intended goal, I’m further ahead than if I hadn’t set the goal at all.

I’m sure there are many who would fault my logic but hey, it works for me!

Now, it’s one thing if I write my goals in my journal and work on them… or not.   The point is, if they’re in my journal, no one else knows about them.  But I’ve become a blogger and I’ve made the decision to allow others to see what’s going on, especially when it comes to homesteading.

So, for better or worse, for higher accountability or just more material for you to chuckle over, I’ve decided to share some of my goals with you for this year of 2010.

But instead of listing them – how ’bout I just share them in story form… this way you can see I’m actually making some progress.

The other night, I was getting ready for class in the morning.  One of my goals for this year is trying to get to appointments or events on time, or maybe even a little early [this seems a bit of a stretch but hey, why not shoot for the stars?]  I ironed my shirt, laid out my clothes, put all my books and “stuff” together in my book bag, wrote up my shopping list, made lunch for me and my friend [we were meeting for lunch after class], put my wallet and book bag on the table, and even did the little things I was going to put off till the morning – like running to the basement for crackers that I needed for the lunch.

The next morning I was up on time and did my morning chores before I woke the kids.  I’d promised a friend I would call in the morning and we talked longer than I had planned…sort of threw off the agenda for the morning.  I didn’t get to work out {running  5Ks with my children- first one in March} or study my notes.  However, one of my other goals for 2010 is to make people more important than my “to-do” list. That time with my friend was more important than working out so I was okay – I had accomplished another goal and I made it to class on time!

After class, my friend and I ate lunch together.  I brought celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, hummus, cheese slices, and gluten-free crackers.  She brought the orange [all the ones at my house had been eaten!].  I want to continue to eat healthier, especially trying to keep white sugar and flour out of my diet.

Dave was out of town and I still hadn’t done the shopping for the week.  My kids had been home by themselves while I was at class and lunch.  I called them to see if they wanted to go shopping with me and I would take them out to dinner.  Even though I was very tired and the shopping would have been MUCH faster if I’d gone by myself – this afforded me quality time with my wonderful kids.  Another – making a conscious effort to spend quality time with my children. I get so caught up in the farm and all that has to happen here that I find myself at the end of a day and I’ve hardly said hi to them.  Not this year!

So now I’ve done it!   I just made myself accountable for some of my goals – but I’m okay with that, not as scary as I thought.  By the way – I learned years ago to give myself some slack while trying to incorporate new goals into my life.  I always give myself till the end of January to work out all the kinks- makes life better for everyone around me and tremendously lessens the “failure factor.”

Anyone else care to share???  Oh, come on in…the water’s fine!