Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler, it’s time for projects here on the farm.  On Labor Day weekend, we started working on the chicken area.  There were several things that needed my attention – one being the number of nesting boxes that were available for the hens.  At last count, after I added the new hens, I had 50 hens in the hen house and 8 nesting boxes.  Not enough…   Books say you should have 1 box for every 5 hens.  And of course, those chickens have not read the same book and they decide that 10 should use the same box!

I’ve been looking for metal nesting boxes for a while.  I love the efficiency of them.

I found some and picked them up last weekend on the way back from the mountains.

Each of the units has 12 nesting boxes – a total of 24 new spaces for my hens.  I scrubbed down the boxes and primed them with paint.

Then I spent the majority of the day painting them with rustoleum paint.  And, if I’m going to paint, it might as well be with fun colors!

The next day, Michael and I hung one on the outside of the hen house and waited….

The hens eventually became curious enough to start jumping up on the railings.  And yesterday…

Ali found 2 eggs in the nesting boxes!

My kids say the colors remind them of McDonalds 🙂  So I’m thinking, Egg McMuffins for breakfast?