He’s the first calf to be born in our new cow herd.  It’s a pretty big deal for me…



Lazy B Farm started selling beef wholesale to the public many years ago.  Two years ago, we started selling our beef commercially which means we obtained our own private label so we could sell meat by the package or cut.  There are a lot of requirements in order for this to happen.  I’ll explain all that in another blog 🙂


I decided that for the sake of education on Grass Fed Beef, we’d start with Jack Frost, our new bull calf.  For the next 18 months, we’ll follow him and his life on the farm – from birth to beef.






I sometimes wonder if consumers really understand what it takes to get a quality piece of grass fed beef to their plate.  My hope is that with this blog and the information shared, consumers (whether you buy your beef from Lazy B or another farm) will gain a new appreciation for their local grass fed beef.  Perhaps this continued blog will answer some questions about the sustainable practice of raising cows on pasture.  Or better yet, maybe it will help answer the question I hear every now and then, “Why is local grass fed beef more expensive than beef I can buy at the store?”

And please, if you have a question, I’d love to hear from you and try to answer your question. I’m sure you’re not the only one asking it!


Jack Frost:  born Dec 25th, 2013

Weight: about 60 lbs, give or take 10lbs

Momma – Hereford cow named Nell

Daddy –  Black Angus



He’s doing great!  Curious, active, and eating well.