Cyndi Ball is a wife of 27 years, mother to 6 children (ages 12 – 24), educator, agribusiness owner, beekeeper, Master Gardener, and a self-taught farmer.  She also is in her 19th year of homeschooling.

Cyndi and her family live on a 7 acre homestead in northeast Georgia, complete with goats, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, Guinea hens, pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats.  What began as a lifestyle change for her family, soon became an opportunity to educate others about sustainable living.  Cyndi teaches classes on gardening, beekeeping, chickens, and various other homesteading skills.   She also invites others to visit the Lazy B Farm with her Homestead Tours.

She is passionate about homesteading and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this passion with others.

Cyndi also raises all natural meat for her customers – beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, along with eggs from the farm’s hens.  Her most popular item for sale? Honey!

This year, Cyndi added a Beekeeping Series for Children.  It’s a 20 hour course and her students may test for their Bee Certification.

Two years ago, Cyndi embarked on another adventure, the formation of the Ladies’ Homestead Gathering.  Due to an overwhelming response to this group, Cyndi, along with some very dedicated friends, is taking the Ladies’ Homestead Gathering to the national level, offering this unique community opportunity to women across America.

Cyndi’s love of family and farming makes each day a day to embrace, always full of surprises and smiles.