I arrived at Statham Elementary and went to find Paige, the art teacher, also known as UB when in costume 🙂

Her art students were lining up to head to the cafeteria.

While we headed to the cafeteria ourselves, we met Mayor Bridges in the hallway.

He was coming over to have lunch and to find out what was going on at the school in his city.

As soon as I entered the cafeteria, this sweet face caught my eye and she began waving so excitedly.

Alex is a friend of ours and she was very happy that today was the day she could have Lazy B Burgers!

She is one of the reasons we worked so hard to get local beef into our community’s school.

Burgers are way better when you eat them with a friend!

The success of today would never have happened without these 3 ladies.

From left to right:

Lottrell Sims – Supervisor of the Statham Elementary cafeteria.  She went the extra mile to make this a special day for everyone – even taking extra time to figure out how to cook the hamburgers just right  for everyone- pasture fed beef is cooked differently.

Paige Ostrander – probably the biggest cheerleader of all for this event and for supporting Cows in the Cafeteria.  She has a reason.  One of her children has dietary challenges and is not able to eat the normal fare in a school cafeteria.  Paige has been tireless in her enthusiasm and promotion of Cows in the Cafeteria.

Pamela LeFrois – the unseen, major factor behind getting our beef into Statham Elementary.  She is the Nutritional Director for Barrow County schools.  Barrow is very fortunate to have such a forward thinking, hard working Nutritional Director.  Pamela has been making some great changes in the dietary choices for our school children and yesterday was a prime example of her mission to get local food to our students.

The cafeteria workers at SES were wonderful – it’s quite the sight of efficiency to see them serve hundreds of lunches!

After we had taken several pictures with everyone, it was time to get down to business – eating lunch.

Paige and the Mayor sat down with the children to try out these Lazy B hamburgers…

And we received the smile of approval.  Both the Mayor and Paige said the burgers were great!

I’ll admit, I was nervous about today.  I know the hamburgers are wonderful when I cook them at my home but what would it be like cooking hundreds of them at one time?

Apparently not a problem at all – especially when you have Lottrell in charge!

More pictures were taken – we were very excited about the guests who came to share this very special day.

Left to right:

Mayor Bridges, Cyndi Ball, Lottrell Sims, Paige Ostrander, Mac Almond – principal of SES and a wonderful supporter of our efforts, and Dr. Creel- Superintendent of Barrow County Schools.

Lottrell was so gracious about all the disruption in the cafeteria.

We finally let her get back to work 🙂

Over 600 hamburgers were served today…

This young lady in the middle stopped me and asked if I knew her mom.  I did!

Bella liked our hamburgers and told her mom later that she could tell a difference between the pasture fed and regular hamburgers.

This is Ellie – she was one of the contest winners.  It was great to see her in our t-shirt from the farm.

This young man, Skye, was one of my highlights for the day.  When I was taking Ellie’s picture, he asked me if I owned Lazy B Farm.

“Yes, I do.”

“THANK YOU!!!!  I can’t wait to eat these burgers!”

He made it very evident that he was looking forward to lunch.  Ellie told me, “He really likes hamburgers!”

I happened to see him after he sat down with his tray.  Skye was carefully smearing on the catsup and mustard.

His concentration on this job was quite admirable.  I’m guessing he has the potential to be a “foody.”

After his hamburger was just so – he took a HUGE bite of the hamburger.

He chewed and chewed and was very thoughtful.

He began to make me wonder if he liked this hamburger at all and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore…

“So Skye, what do you think??”

He looked up at me, got a very satisfied grin on his face, cheeks still full of food and said, “This is GREAT!!!”

As he was expounding upon the goodness of the hamburger, his two thumbs-up got higher and higher!   …priceless.

When he was just about finished, I asked him how it had been.

“It’s been very good but I had to take the pickle off.  It was ruining the flavor of the meat.”

I do believe this young man may have a job in the culinary field 🙂

During the lunch time, UB (Udder Bomb) and Diggities, did 2 flash mobs with the children in the cafeteria.  They sang and danced to the rap song, “Cows in the Cafeteria.”

And the students kept coming and coming….

The piles of hamburgers began to diminish.

And if all this disruption wasn’t enough, Katie from the Barrow Journal stopped by to get some pictures for a story about Statham Elementary being the first school to serve local beef.

Great subjects, don’t you think?

And so willing to be photographed while eating.

And of course, once the photo-op was over, names had to be gotten just in case their picture ended up in the paper 🙂

The last of the burgers were being put onto lunch trays.

Lottrell, so kind and thoughtful, gave my youngest a stuffed cow and placemat as a token of this very special occasion.

What an incredible experience this had been.  It was amazing to be a part of the celebration and to realize, we had done it.  With hard work, perseverance and the encouragement of many along the way, we had actually gotten local, pasture fed beef into Statham Elementary.  It’s hard to describe the feelings I had as I watched children and adults alike enjoy the hamburgers.  A sense of gratitude and satisfaction for a dream realized right here in my home town.

Was it worth all the effort and hours and finding answers to unknowns?

Just look at this face…

You betcha!!