On Thursday, January 26, 2012, Lazy B Farm’s hamburgers were served to the students of South Jackson Elementary School.

This banner that hangs in one of the hallways is so appropriate for what it took to make this day happen.

Lots of people had a part and together, we were able to serve local beef to the students of South Jackson Elementary.

Two of the key players (left to right):

Dr. Debra Morris, Jackson County Nutritional Director

Pam Johns, Principal of South Jackson Elementary

These 2 ladies had the desire to make a difference in the food that was served to students and the fortitude to make it happen.

And those hamburgers don’t make it to the tray to be served without the oversight of the Cafeteria Supervisor!

Dan and Dr. Morris

A great supervisor leads a great team –

The Cafeteria staff of South Jackson Elementary.  I really liked the black cow spots and many of them had cows sitting on their shoulder.

Without my families’ support, I would never have gotten this far in the endeavor to get our beef into the local school system.

Pam Johns with my daughters, Ali and Megan

The school board visited the school for lunch.

Left to right:

Dr. Adams – County School Superintendent

Pam Johns – SJES Principal

Ms. Elrod –  Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Mr. Patrick – Director of Administrative Services

Yep – it takes a lot of people to come together to do much…

And here’s the reason why we push forward with these efforts!


These 2 young ladies were responsible for decorating the cafeteria.  They did an amazing job!

There were cows everywhere!


Every table had a centerpiece…

Even the students were decorated!

Many of the students and teachers were dressed in farm attire for this special occasion.

Before the students lined up for lunch

to taste those yummy hamburgers…

A lot of teaching and educating was going on in the classroom.

Dr. Morris put together these little pamphlets for each student at the school.  She provided the nutritional value of pastured beef and added a few recipes for beef.

Ms. Rountree took class time to teach about good nutrition, local food, and why it’s better for you.

In the hallway, they had a “Spotlight on the Farmer” so the children would realize their hamburgers came from a farmer who lived near them.

The teachers had the students make their own placemats for lunch.  They were adorable!

And creative…

I don’t know – something about this one caught my eye 🙂

And I was the lucky recipient of one of those placemats.

This young man did a beautiful job on his and I received the biggest hug and thank you for the hamburger he had for lunch.

Folks, this time at the school was amazing.  A concept, an idea is so abstract until you put a face with it…

The smiles, the hugs, the thank you’s, the many “this is the best hamburger ever” that we heard this day…

This is the reason we fight for change.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the masses

but when “Cows in the Cafeteria” was created, we were thinking about one school at a time, one child at a time and that is what keeps us going to make a difference in our community!