Lazy B Farm All Natural Beef

What does “all natural” mean? –  Our beef are raised on pastureland from the day they are born till the day we take them to the butcher.  They receive no growth hormones, and no unnecessary antibiotics or  medications.  The beef are given some grain in the last few months to add marbling to the meat.

Do you sell beef by the package? – No. We are legally allowed to sell cattle on the hoof, which means they have to leave the property alive.  It takes a special license, certification, and refrigeration to sell beef by the package – an expense we’re not able to incur at this time.

How much space do I need for a ¼ of a steer? –  A quarter of a beef requires approximately 3 -4 cubic feet of freezer space.  Or, it takes up a little more than one shelf in a good-sized upright freezer.

How many people will ¼ of a steer feed and for how long?  – A quarter of a beef will run anywhere from 80 – 120 pounds, depending on the size of the beef.  The meat will feed 2 adults for 6 – 9 months or a family of 4 for 3 – 5 months depending on frequency and portion sizes.

How do you figure the price of a ¼ of beef? –  The price of $5 per pound is calculated from the hanging weight of the carcass.  The processing fee is then added to that figure to calculate the final price.

What is “hanging weight”? –  Hanging weight is what the carcass weighs immediately after the unusable parts have been removed (head, hooves, skin, innards, etc).  The price total is based on this weight.  Your packaged weight will differ from the hanging weight because the unnecessary bone and fat will be taken out and the meat will naturally dehydrate some while hanging in the cooler.

What are the added processing fees? –  The butcher charges per pound of hanging weight depending on the type of packaging you request.  Paper wrapped is 48¢ per pound and vacuum packed is 55¢ per pound.  There is also a termination fee of $7.50 for each quarter.

How much approximately will a ¼ of a steer cost? $600 total would be a good guesstimate but the actual figure will be determined by the weight of the beef.

What cuts of beef will I receive from ¼?

Steaks – (2 per package, cut 1” thick) T-bone, Ribeye, and Sirloin

Roasts – (one of each) Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Shoulder, Top Round

Ribs, Hamburger, Soup bones

Will my meat be delivered to me? It is the responsibility of the customer to pick up his/her own meat from the butcher.  We will provide directions and a sheet with recreational suggestions for the area.

How long can my meat stay in the freezer? –  If your meat is paper wrapped, it will be good in the freezer for approximately a year.  If your meat is vacuum packed and kept in a freezer, it should remain usable for over 12 months.

After I send in my deposit, when do I pay the remaining balance? – We will calculate the balance after the butcher gives us the hanging weight.  We will contact you via email or phone with your final amount.   You must pay the remaining balance before your beef is picked up.

Who is responsible to pay the butcher fees? Lazy B Farm will pay the butcher.  The processing fees will be included in your final total.

Who do I make my checks out to? You may make your checks payable to Cyndi Ball or Lazy B Farm and mail them to PO Box 1190   Statham, GA  30666

Once my beef is at the butcher, how long before I can pick it up? The beef carcass will hang 2 – 3 weeks to age in the cooler.  It will then be cut and packaged.

May I buy more than a quarter? Absolutely!!  You may purchase a half or whole beef.  This is a great idea if you will be splitting it among family members or friends.  Remember, we can’t process the beef until the whole animal is sold.

Are there discounts if I buy a ½ or a whole? Yes.  The price per pound for ½ a beef is $4.75 and if you purchase a whole, the price is $4.50 per pound.  Most families of 4 would have enough beef to last a year if they purchased a whole.

How do I sign up to buy beef from Lazy B Farm? Once you have read all the information, email the farm to see what the availability is at:

There is a deposit of $200 for a quarter$300 for a half; $350 for a whole

Am I able to get beef any time I want it? We are very careful to ensure the proper raising of each of our beef.  The process cannot be rushed and it takes about 15 – 18 months before a beef is ready.  It is our goal to be able to provide beef all year long but we’re not there yet.

Current Availability:

2 beef ready in September, 2010

5 beef ready by March or April of 2011

* orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis accompanied by the  deposit