Have you heard the sage wisdom, realize the areas where you are weak in business and find someone who is strong in them?  Lazy B Farm sells a lot of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs.  I love growing food but I’m not a fan of spending a bunch of time in the kitchen.  It’s just not my thing.  When our customers ask me what are my favorite recipes for certain cuts they’re buying, I tell them, what ever someone else is cooking!  I love to eat all kinds of food but I’m not very adventurous in the kitchen when it comes to preparing a meal.  I have my basics and not much else.

I admire those who can prepare amazing meals, all the right spices and seasonings, mouth watering aroma throughout the whole house….. I have a lot of respect and admiration for foodies and those who can take the meats I grow and turn them into magical, memorable meals.

So I took that sage wisdom and went straight to my wonderful friend, Kjesti, a self-proclaimed foodie.  I’ve tasted her meals and creations and they’re wonderful!!  I asked if she would consider partnering with me and the Lazy B.  I’d provide all the cuts of meat we offer from our grass-fed beef, pastured pork, non-gmo pastured chicken and turkey, and a whole variety of eggs, if she would create recipes so I could offer our customers tools so they could get the most out of the food they purchase from us.  I have the knowledge about our animals but Kjesti has the knowledge and expertise on how to make savory meals from those animals.

And here we are, partnering together to bring you all, our wonderful customers, a fuller experience of excellence when purchasing our farm products.  Kjesti’s blog, Kitchen Confidence with Kjesti, will be a regular feature on our website and newsletter.  Be sure to watch for our occasional classes for the “and what do i do with this??” items.

I’m so excited to introduce you to Kjesti – you’re gonna love her!!!

Hi, I’m Kjesti Easton, an enthusiastic home cook. I live on a small homestead in Madison, GA with my three hungry sons, husband, a few dozen hens and a garden. While there are plenty of chores outside, I find most enjoyment in the indoor, air-conditioned pursuits – knitting, sewing, baking, and cooking. Almost nothing makes me happier than sharing recipes, food and kitchen knowledge with others.   I’m here to help build your kitchen skills and confidence with cooking pastured pork, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.

Purchasing a half or whole animal is a commitment and all too often one may open the freezer months after the steaks and chops are long gone, only to be confronted by all sorts of mysterious cuts, unknown in familiar grocery stores. Do not be dismayed – we’re going to demystify all the questionable bits, in addition to cooking some good recipes for the steaks and chops. Who knows – you might find some new favorites!

I’ll also be highlighting some of my favorite kitchen tools. It can be difficult to ascertain from infomercials and advertisements which tools will be worthy of the shelf/drawer space they take up or deserving of our hard-earned dollars to acquire. Being a bit of a kitchen tool proselytizer, I’m going to share my favorites.

Finally, I love to travel and experience other food cultures. I’m looking forward to taking you along on the food side of my trips and sharing the food knowledge/recipes of other countries. You’ll get all the good eating without the jet lag.

  Kitchen Tool of the Month

The electric pressure cooker (or branded Instant Pot) is my current favorite kitchen appliance and I find it infinitely deserving of the rather large kitchen pantry/counter real estate it occupies. Cooking food under pressure increases the boiling point of liquids and results in lower cooking times, while retaining all the flavor in a sealed environment. It is best suited for braises (meat/veg cooked semi-submerged in liquid) and traditionally long-cooking foods like soups, roasts, beans. And it makes an incredibly delicious cheesecake. Additionally, pressure cookers are handy for busy cooks or those prone to distraction, like me, as you can simply set the amount of time required and the cooker goes to work – bringing itself to pressure, counting down the time, then switching to warm when done. Easy-peasy. Also, while I love to cook, I hate to wash dishes and the electric pressure cooker reduces my dishes by permitting sautéing in the same vessel used for pressure cooking. Frequently, my recipes begin with sautéing onions and garlic, then browning meat, then adding broth and vegetables before pressure cooking. Voila! Soup/stew/etc. all made in a single pot! Need more convincing? Borrow a friend’s Instant Pot for the night and try out the following recipe (saving some for your friend, of course).