…Mother Nature reminds me who’s really in control.  You’d think I’d remember from year to year that spring will arrive and my impatience won’t hurry it along.  You’d think I’d remember that the temperatures will warm up and all of creation will awake from it’s slumber – just as eager for Spring as I am.

You’d think I’d remember where I planted all those bulbs and not be so surprised when I see their little heads poking through the ground…and I stand there wondering, “I wonder what flower this will be!”

You’d think I’d remember the beautiful melodic chatter of my Bluebirds as they flit around our farm trying to find their old nesting spot.

You’d think I’d remember the excitement and curiosity I feel when I watch all the building that goes on in the trees, laughing as I recognize the horse hair, dog hair, and chicken feathers woven into each nest.

You’d think I’d remember what it feels like to nuzzle my face in the fleece of a little lamb, the joy of watching that little one follow behind my children.

You’d think I’d remember the anticipation of kidding season, the waiting and watching…

the awe of the miracle of birth.

You’d think I’d remember that each seed planted will sprout and grow and produce real food that will feed my family.

You’d think I’d remember that kittens grow up to be cats…

And life is precious and fleeting but the memories last forever…

and each day is a gift.

But I don’t always remember these things and I think that’s why we have Spring.

A tangible touch of wonder and newness, that no matter how much we try to manipulate and coerce, life has it’s own cycle.

We are the observers, the recipients, the beneficiaries of a new beginning…

You’d think I’d remember…but I don’t.

So I embrace each new day in the anticipation of discovering and wondering… and remembering.