It was on my New Year’s Resolutions list – run a 5k.  I coaxed another friend of mine to run one with me and after a little bit of whining, she conceded.  And I must add, she has since thanked me for pushing her, just a little, to start running again.  She’s a former runner.

Juli, my friend, thought we needed to do a 5k sooner than later….so instead of an end of March race, how ’bout a February race??  I said sure, what the heck.  It’s gonna hurt just as much in February as it would in March so I might as well get the first one over with – great running attitude, don’t ya think?

I have learned over the many years, NEVER agree to something before I check my calendar.  I did not heed my own advice.  I had the Georgia Organics Conference the 2 days prior to the race date and it’s a tiring 2 days, not mentioning the fact that I wouldn’t be able to exercise those 2 days.

Oh well, I’d committed and I warned Juli that I might be walking a lot of the race.

Sunday morning dawned sunny and bright!  It was going to be a beautiful day and after sitting in classrooms for two days, I was looking forward to being outside – even if it was to run a 5k.

The whole family came to support me – that’s inspiration and encouragement enough- but there looked to be others who might be running their first 5k of the season… or ever!

Lolo came to capture the moment 🙂

Even Sawyer came to cheer me on…

Juli showed up and we did the typical stretching and debating about whether or not to carry a water bottle.  I concluded that a water bottle would weigh me down and I certainly didn’t need any further handicaps.  The number I had to wear on my shirt was enough extra weight to cause me some concern!

Finally, it was almost time to start the race and everyone began to gather…

There are all kinds of people who run these races.  Physically fit, “I could run a marathon if I wanted to today”, to reforming “couch potatoes.”  Juli and I were somewhere in between so we edged into the middle of the pack, a little closer to the back.  The most unnerving sight for us “40-something” runners, were the kids…I mean little kids….kids with numbers like mine who were really going to run the 3.1 miles.  Great – now my ego was at stake, my pride, my “I can do anything” spirit all because of these squirts.  Worst part is, they probably had no “game plan” about how to make it to the end; they probably hadn’t even been diligently working out day after day – they were just coming to run because it was fun!  Oh!!  Just wait till they got to adulthood – then they’d seen how “un-fun” a 5k could be!

Wait – someone was giving instructions about the race, something about which direction we should be running.  This could be important information…

Ah, I am so glad they informed us of our speed for the race.  Those kids would have been severely intimidated to have seen me coming at them at 30 mph!  Now this 5k would be a mere jog 🙂

Ready, set, go!

And while Juli and I were strolling around the park with a bunch of other runners, my family waited patiently.

Sawyer, the ever faithful watch dog, kept a keen eye out for our return to the finish line.

He waited….

And waited…

Until finally….

42 minutes later, Juli and I crossed the finish line!

Yes!  We’d done it!  And Juli was very excited because that was her best time since she had started running again.

I was so pleased I made it to the end in an upright position – instead of on my knees crawling across the finish line!

The kids and Dave were great,  enthusiastically congratulating me and Juli.  It really was a lot of fun…

Two days later, after I could ascend and descend the stairs without moaning, I was talking to the kids about the 5k.  They were all very motivated to run the next one with me on April 11.  Even Dave mentioned that he might run with us!

I was telling Juli about this family affair for the next race and she said, “Wow, you’re the mother of motivation!”

“Well, it depends on how you look at it, I guess.  When we were talking about the next race and what it would take for them to be ready, I told them how proud I was of them for wanting to do this, for being willing to work out and train…and they just looked at me.



‘Well, we just figured if you could do it, then…'”


Oh, by the way.  Checked my calendar for this next race…our big Sheep Shearing event here at the farm is the day before!  Perfect!!