You know, sometimes an item,  just by sheer circumstance or proximity or need, will take on a whole new role or identity.  So it is with my tweezers.  Such a simple item designed for simple tasks.  Yet when this simple tool resides at a homestead, a whole new world is opened for its diversity of use.   

My personal tweezers, so seemingly insignificant

My personal tweezers, so seemingly insignificant.

I have made a conscious decision to chronicle the morphing of such a tame, insignificant “eye-brow plucker” into a multi-faceted, critically needed tool.  This first story appeared in our Lazy B Farm newsletter but it bears repeating so you, the reader, have a complete understanding of the significance of my tweezers, once doomed for the dark corners of my cosmetic drawer.        Enjoy…

I’m learning, there are certain limits to homesteading…I’ll explain.

 My family has been on vacation at a family reunion (Dave’s side of the family) in NJ.  They left Monday and will be home on Saturday.  I stayed behind to run the homestead – that’s another newsletter!

Before they all left, I was looking for my tweezers, which seem to often magically walk away!  I called out to the masses – “has anyone seen my tweezers?”  A lone voice replied, “Yes, I’ll get them for you!”  Megan brought them to me right away and I gently reminded her, again, to please put them back in my bathroom when she was finished with them.    

“Okay, Mom!” 

 Later, Megan was telling me that Colonel, the pony, had a tick on his sheath.  Don’t know what a sheath is?  Well, it’s the skin that covers his “private part” and only males have them 🙂  I asked her pleeeease, would she take care of it before she left so I didn’t have to.  “Sure, Mom, not a problem.” And off she went.

I happened to meet her as I was headed to the garden. 

“Well, how’d it go?” 

“Oh fine, he gets them a lot.”

And I’m wondering, what’s he doing to get them there!?  It was then I noticed a shimmer in her hand. 

“Babe, what’s in your hand?”  

“Oh yeah, I borrowed your tweezers again – they work great for getting the ticks off, but I’m putting them back now.” 

I choked out a “thank you.”

This whole sharing thing has gone a bit too far!  I share my home with the  animals, my food, occasionally my bed, towels, and every now and then a shirt for a new born goat, but I draw the line at sharing my tweezers to get ticks off a pony’s unmentionable!!         (I’m  not even asking if they were washed before they were put back!)