Homesteading School for 2015



Welcome  to the Lazy B Farm Homesteading School!

After studying, pursuing and practicing Homesteading for 20+ years (!!) I figured it was time to consolidate all of this knowledge into our very own school.  With a degree in Education, Certification for teach AG, and a passion for sustainability, I have found the perfect venue for teaching – our farm!

With the economy being somewhat uncertain, there has never been a better time to learn the basic skills that will enable you to take care of yourself and your family.  We offer a variety of workshops here at the Lazy B, Homestead Tours in April, and an assortment of other activities for those interested in sustainability.   All of this is available with one goal in mind – to fulfill our farm’s Mission Statement:

We exist as a hands-on classroom to instruct and motivate others toward a healthier, independent lifestyle.

I’m excited about this new school year for 2015.  For several of the workshops, I’ve asked some fellow homesteaders, who are just as passionate as I am about their area of interest, to team teach with me!  You’ll receive another perspective and a lot more information for one class price 🙂

Start here, at the Lazy B Farm Homesteading School, to begin your journey toward sustainability and self sufficiency.  Hope to see you in class!

Workshops:  You have a choice to take one workshop at a time or to bundle them for  greater savings.

1 workshop = $40

3 workshops of your choice = $100

(1/2 Day Herbal Workshop and Cob Oven Workshop not included)


Workshops available:

Raising Chickens

Jr Beekeeping

Chicken Butchering

Essential Herbs for Women and Children with Patricia Kyritsi Howell

Wildcrafting Jams and Jellies 

Making Cheese at Home

All Things Fermented!

“Ewwww!!  What’s That??”  Bug Identification Workshop

Honey Harvest

Suds and Fun!  Soapmaking Workshop

Winter Gardening 

The Complete Beekeeping Series

The Versatility of Vinegar!