March 28 – 31, 2019

When I first began homesteading in GA, I was at a complete loss. I was hoping to find a mentor when we moved here in December of 2002, but none was to be found. So I forged ahead on my own, reading books and making my best guesses as to how a homestead should be run. Lots of mistakes later and lots of wasted resources and money gone forever, I finally feel confident enough 16 years later to share what I’ve done correctly! I’ve listened to others wishing for a place where they could find hands-on instruction with someone to mentor them in their endeavors for a successful homestead. Because we heard you, we’ve created a weekend long course for the person who desires a hands-on, “wanna smell the smells” kind of experience. Our Homesteading 101 Weekend is an intense course on the basics of beginning a homestead. Below is the agenda for the weekend and I’m super excited to be the one to share this experience with you!

The cost for the Homesteading 101 Weekend, which includes your meals, is $300 per person, $500 per couple. If you’d like to book a room in our Farm Stay, follow this link. (Nantucket Room)  (Birds and Bees Room) (Stars and Stripes Room)

Registration: Homesteading 101 Weekend

Couples Registration

Day Stay Registration

Interested in our Day Stay? If you live close by and would like to participate in the activities on Friday and Saturday, the cost is $250 which includes lunch and dinner each day.

The agenda for our Homesteading 101 Weekend:


6p – Dinner together

            Question: What are your dreams for homesteading?


8a – Breakfast

8:45 – Stretching

9a – Outside!


          Feed all animals on the farm

          Discuss each animal and their use on a homestead

          Talk about housing for each type of animal

           Share dietary needs of each species

11a – Fencing

         Learn how to dig a post hole by hand

         Putting in posts, tamping, and running fencing

Noon – Lunch

            Question:  What is your biggest concern about homesteading?

1p – Chickens and chicken maintenance

            Fermenting feed

            Clean out the chicken house

            Chicken biology

            Butchering your own birds

5p – Clean up

6p – Dinner

            Question: What’s your WHY?


8a – Breakfast

8:45 – Stretching

9a – Outside!


                        Large animals on the farm

                        Goats– hoof trimming

                        Water system and how to install self-watering

                         Cleaning out winter hay for the gardens

                         De-worming and how to maintain a healthy herd

                         Sheep and their benefits

Noon: Lunch

            Question: What needs to change in your life to incorporate this lifestyle?

1p – Basics of Gardening

         Building a raised bed

         Planting various plants

         Pruning – plants and trees/shrubs

4p – Bees anyone? (optional)

5:30 – Dinner

            Question: What have you learned so far?

7p – Fire Pit and S’mores


8a – Breakfast

8:45 – Stretching

9a – Feed all the animals on the farm

10 – 11:30a – Homestead Planning for your own homestead!

You made it!!!