Homestead Tours

I have heard nothing but compliments on the field trip to the Lazy B. Everyone loved it! You did a great job explaining everything. Thanks for the eggs, and the opportunity to buy honey. I think everyone’s favorite part was being able to milk a goat! Thanks again!”  — Monique Smith

I wanted to share with others how this lifestyle works – a new concept among many today. The Homestead Tour gives a quick overview of homesteading and the intricate interdependency of each animal and plant here on the farm. Children and adults may try milking a goat, collecting eggs from the hen house, and tasting fresh herbs from the garden. Touch the wool from our sheep and help bottle-feed the baby calf. There will also be a Q and A at the end of the tour. The Farm Store will be open for purchasing eggs from the chickens you met, honey from the hives in the orchard, and other items gathered here and made at Lazy B Farm.


When: Call or email for available times

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Times: 10 am & 2 pm (the tour is approximately 2 hours long)

Cost: Children and Adults: $7

*ages 2 and under are free


The tour fees goes back to our animals – thanks for helping us buy their feed!

Size: Minimum of 5, maximum of 20

*there must be one chaperone per 2 children

Email or call to schedule your group: or use our contact form