Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had a farm work day scheduled at another friend’s farm.  A perfect day to bring Heidi along so she could “work” with us.  We put her in her special traveling laundry basket and drove the miles to get to the farm.

I was working in the garden area and the others were working elsewhere so I volunteered to keep her with me.

This was the first time since we’d had her that we put her outside.  I loved watching her reactions to all that she encountered.

Heidi is at the “mouthy” stage and everything is tasted.  It wasn’t long before she found some tender greens.

First you sniff…..

…and then you taste!

After hopping and running all around in the garden, exploring new sights and smells, it was time for a nap.

She found a patch of liriope and settled in – just a little annoyed at the long strands that kept tickling her nose.

But the warmth of the sun…

and the mooing of the cows soon lulled her to sleep.

This is how most of the day went – running and jumping, exploring, tasting….

And when she was tuckered out, she would find a spot and plop down for a “recharge.”

And then it was time to rake the leaves – LOTS of leaves.

Megan started to cover her up to see what she would do.

Heidi loved the leaves!

She tasted a few…

And eventually fell sleep.

Then she popped up when she was ready to go again!

This is how she spent the rest of the afternoon.  Heidi loved being covered with the leaves…

where she felt safe and warm and snuggly!