I now have 5 sheep on my farm….never intended to have 5 sheep but this is how it starts.

A cute little fuzzy face, who’s had a rough start to life…

A momma’s heart that loves anything “baby”.

And I said yes.

Truth be told, I prefer “bummer” lambs.  They’re lambs that have been rejected by their mommies or something happened to their mommies and now someone else has to take care of them.  But I only prefer to raise “she” baby lambs because I can still be “alpha” when they grow up.

This is Heidi.  She was a twin but the twin died in utero and the mom delivered about a week early.  Not a big deal if you’re talking human but when you’re talking sheep – it’s critical.  Jan, my dear friend, raises Gulf Coast sheep and she has LOTS of them.  Jan took Heidi inside and didn’t think she’d make it.  Heidi weighed 3 lb 14 oz and a typical weight is anywhere from 5 – 10#.  Jan (also a vet) intubated her – put a tube down her throat- to feed her for the first two days.

The night of the second day, Jan couldn’t get the tube down correctly and didn’t want to take the chance it had gone into the lung.

Jan went to bed not knowing if Heidi would still be alive in the morning….

and she was!!  And she was very hungry 🙂

Jan couldn’t keep a bottle baby – not with all the other sheep she had to care for.  Since she knew I’d raised bottle babies before, she hinted that maybe I might like her.  Of course!!  Who could say no to this face?

So Heidi has been with us since Sunday, the 23rd of January.

She lives in her laundry basket and has only recently figured out how to get out of it.  She just wants to be with people.

This morning, with all the commotion of people coming and going for school and work, she just laid in the middle of the kitchen floor.

And even with all the noise and the dogs…..

she fell fast asleep.

Megan was babysitting today and doing school work with the kids….

Heidi did her schooling in the laundry basket 🙂

She drinks about 3-4 oz of formula every 4 hours and sleeps through the night.  Momma sheep don’t get up in the middle of the night to let their lambs nurse and we don’t either (except one night when we felt sorry for Heidi).

There is some connection between their little tongues sucking and their little tails.

Those tails wag all over the place!  It’s hilarious to watch!

We love to give her lots and lots of kisses……

And she likes to snuggle up in your neck 🙂

Oh, and those ears!!!  So soft!    Just like the Lambs Ear that you grow in the ground.

And Heidi gives kisses too.  But when she’s hungry – she’ll try to suck on your nose or your chin.

Yep, I’m a sucker for cute, adorable, fuzzy faces…..

Welcome to the Lazy B Farm, little one!