I’ve wanted Guinea Hens on the farm for a while.  I debated between them and Peacocks.  The Guineas won out…and we’ve raised 6 of them.  They were about 3 or 4 weeks old when they came to the farm.  They grew up with the meat chicks in the brood box.  Then they graduated to their own pen under a tree right near the hen house.

I knew they were getting old enough to let out but I was so concerned they wouldn’t come back “home” once they had their freedom.

Well, last Saturday, I noticed a hole in the side of their pen and they kept sticking their heads through that hole.

Sunday evening, they were all out!  How they got through that hole is beyond me!  I opened the pen door hoping they would come back in to roost when it was dark…no such luck.

I was a little sad when I went to bed that night, thinking I might not see them again.  I’d become really fond of them and their quirkiness and all those odd noises.

The next morning I was outside first light and there they were!  Except they were in my neighbor’s pasture and couldn’t seem to figure out how to get back over the fence.  All the coaxing and coercing didn’t make any difference – they couldn’t get back “home.”  I climbed over the fence and made an opening and pretty soon all 6 were back in familiar territory.

And then the fun began…..

This pack of birds, making lots and lots of really loud noises traipsed all over the chicken area.

Sawyer wasn’t quite sure what to make of them!

Molly knew what to do!  She herds them everywhere and they’re fairly obedient.

Molly loves her new “toy.”

The Guineas go everywhere in a pack and heaven help us all when one gets separated from the group.

Under the watchful eye of Molly, this doesn’t happen very often.

Molly’s quick to get them all back together.

But when it does happen and one is separated from the pack…

Molly gets very concerned – just look at her eyes!

“Yoo hoo!!  Over here!!”  and pretty soon all the Guineas are strutting their stuff in unison.

They are a comical breed and I’m so glad I have them on the farm.  I’ve laughed so much at their antics.  They’ve frightened my cows and made the cows jump…that’s a sight to see 🙂  The Guineas follow me in the morning when I’m doing my other fowl chores, screeching and “talking” the whole time – they’re very vocal.  Maybe the noise will get to me after a while but really, 6 kids have prepared me well!  So for now, I love my Guinea Hens.