The New Englander in me loves it when it snows in GA! Everything is clean and fresh, a new beginning.  I love to watch the excitement in my children, the awe of the beauty.  The dogs think it’s a new toy and a supply of never-ending balls to chase; the cats are perturbed as they gingerly tiptoe through the snow with a look of disgust on their faces.

Our biggest dilemma is trying to figure out what item will slide down our long hill in the back pasture…

And then there’s always the honorable snowman to be built – before the dogs come along thinking it’s a giant ball to be chased and tackled!

And what is it about snow that compels some people to do some really crazy things?!

But hey – the victory of the challenge is so worth it!

I’m so thankful that living in the South didn’t mean having to give up an occasional snowstorm…

Of course, I’m not sure our animals feel the same way.  Their greatest decision during the snowstorm is to eat…

…or hide out in the barn.

Stomachs win!!

What is a snowstorm if you can’t take pictures of yourself in the falling snow to put on Facebook??

Or beaning someone with a snowball…

Even if they are on the other side of the window 🙂

Documenting all this activity is crucial because snowstorms don’t come along every winter in the South.

Snow gives a different perspective to the common…

Snow also gives cold “bums” to our chickens when they’re trying to lay eggs.

Know what the New Englander in me loves best about the snow in GA?

It knows when the visit has been long enough and it goes away, leaving us with wonderful memories and images and the longing for more.