This  post is for my Northern friends … And especially for my Northern Georgia friends!

It’s snowing again today– the third snow for this season.

Now, no snickering from those of you up North.

This is highly unusual and our stores are beginning to fill up with annuals and garden vegetable starts!

Take heart.  Spring really is coming!

I saw her yesterday,

When it was 60 degrees outside

And I was digging in the dirt

Stressing that I wouldn’t get all the fruit trees pruned on time

Or my garden cleaned out before I needed to plant.

Spring has her own clock that keeps her on schedule.

Snow doesn’t matter to Mother Nature.

When she says “Arise from your slumber!”, the  Hyacinths obey

The roses shout, “Yeah!  It’s about time!”

The Daylillies push out their leaves in anticipation of a daily floral show…

The Yarrow awakens, stretching forth it’s feathery arms…

And the Pansies cheer!  “Welcome Spring!”

The Dianthus are aroused from slumber by the cheering…

and greeted joyously by the Phlox

Miracles of Spring are happening in the dark recesses beneath the earthen masses now covered with snow.

But she is on her way and soon these barren white lands will be adorned in the regalia of the glorious colors of Spring!