I came out to do my morning chores and there stood Ali – shivering, no shoes.

“Mom!  The grass is so cold on my feet!”

I didn’t even bother asking….she’s a farm girl!

“Why don’t you run in and get the matches, it’s a good morning to burn the stuff in the fire pit.”

With glee and pyro-excitement, she tip-toed into the house…

And came out wearing my shoes, matches in hand.

Didn’t take us long to ignite the pile of paper, boxes and yard debris.

The heat is so intense!  Many times, I’ve singed my plants nearby.

But one thing’s for sure – Ali and I were both toasty warm!

In a matter of minutes, the flames consumed the pile in the fire pit…

And the rest of the day we had that wonderful, camp-fire smell, inside and out.

Even when heat of the day soared  into the 90’s, it still smelled like fall….

So thankful for a fire pit morning!