Pigpooling? Sounds a little strange but what it really means is that you get the best quality, most natural, healthy pork around. Not the hormone-injected, nitrate-filled pork you get at the supermarket. Our hogs are fed an all-natural diet and kept in a humane environment at Lazy B Farm. See what real pork is supposed to taste like!

Bulk Buying:

This is by far your best deal.  A deposit of $100 will ensure your 1/2 of a hog.  When we have the commitment of 2 people, we’ll take one of our hogs to the processor.  It takes about 2 – 3 days before the pork is cut, wrapped, and ready for pick up.  You will have your choice of cuts from the list provided.

$450 will purchase about 100 pounds of PORK.

How our Pigs are Raised

We purchase our piglets when they are about 6 weeks old from other local farmers.  They live here at the Lazy B in a huge outdoor pen, with access to a covered stall in the barn.  They are fed scraps from the house and gardens, along with feed from a local mill.  Our pigs do not receive any medication or hormones.

We love on them, scratch behind their ears, talk to them and show them off to guests who visit the farm. When our hogs are around 300 pounds, they’re ready for the processor.  Each of our hogs has a very good life and one bad moment.

The processors we use are USDA inspected.

Cuts of Pork

*Boston Butt or Picnic Shoulder

*Pork Chops or Tenderloin or Ribs

*Whole Ham or Ham Butt or Ham Slices or Pork Roast

*Ground Pork

*Sausage – mild, medium, or hot


A deposit of $100 will hold your 1/2 of a hog.

The remainder may be made in two payments of $175 for two consecutive months.

The full amount must be paid before pork is picked up.

Pick Up:

We will notify you by email when your pork is ready to be picked up. Please remember to bring coolers with you. The pork will be wrapped and frozen.

We are using the butcher here in Jefferson, Apple Valley Processor.

The address is:

5675 S Apple Valley Rd

Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone: 706.335.9304

**If for some reason you are not able to pick up your pork on the scheduled day, it is your responsibility to make other arrangements with the butcher.

We’d love for you to “pigpool” with us.  Please contact us to find out how you can purchase meats directly from the farm.