Farm Products

Welcome to our farm store!!

With all the various activities we have going on here at the farm, we’ve found we have quite a variety of items for our guests to purchase.

We offer beef and pork bulk buying with our Cowpooling and Pigpooling.

We offer an assortment of individual cuts that you can purchase directly from the farm or from Athens Locally Grown  During the summer, June – August, you can find us at the Statham Farmers Market with a freezer in tow.

In July, we harvest the honey from our beehives and we have wonderfully sweet, local honey available.  16oz = $8            12oz = $7              8oz = $5

We have an assortment of items available – all of which were made here at the farm:

Lip balm – $2

Soap – $5 a bar

Lotions – various prices

Herbal Salves – various prices

Lazy B Farm also has a booth at Second Hand Rose in Statham with all our Farm Products, which makes it more convenient for you – unless of course you’d like to buy meat!


A new web store is in the making so we’ll be launching that soon. For now, please contact us directly to order our products using the contact form .

**A percentage of your purchase of Lazy B Farm meat goes to fund “Cows in the Cafeteria Feed your family, feed a school.