Our 100% natural, grass-fed, grass finished beef is unlike anything you’ve tasted from your local supermarket. This is the real deal!

Bulk Buying:

This is by far your best deal.  A deposit of $200 will ensure your 1/4 of the cow.  When we have the commitment of 4 people, we’ll take one of our cows to the processor.  It takes about 2 -3 weeks before the beef is cut and wrapped.  You’ll have your choice of cuts from the list provided.

In 2019, we will offer a Grass Fed Beef Cooking Class, with a discount for our Cowpooling customers.  We’ll teach you the nuances of cooking with grass fed beef, how to choose and use all the different cuts of beef, and how to get the most out of your 1/4 of the steer, using the bones, fat,  and organs for some of the dishes.

$650 will purchase 80 – 100 pounds of BEEF.

Payment Options:

Pay in full – we really appreciate you paying for your beef all at once!

Partial Payments after deposit – 2 payments of $225


How our Cows are Raised

Our cows are born and raised on pasture until the day we take them to the processor.  They are not medicated with antibiotics nor do they receive any hormones.  The calves live with their moms until they’re 6 months old and then they are weaned and moved to another pasture on the same farm.  Our cows receive a little bit of grain about once a week.  Our grain is non-gmo, no corn, no soy.  We go the extra mile to make sure that our customers receive top quality beef and that our cows have the very best food available to them.

There are two reasons we feed grain:

1. We can visually assess their health when they come to the trough to feed.

2. To make it easier to load them onto the trailer.  The ease of loading them eliminates stress and the potential of the stress hormone getting into the meat.

When our cows are about 1200 pounds, they’re ready to be taken to the processor.  Each of our cows has a very good life and one bad moment.

The processors we use are USDA inspected.

Cuts of Beef:

Steaks – (2 per package, cut 1″ thick)  T-bone, Ribeye, and Sirloin

Roasts – (one of each) Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Shoulder, Top Round

Cube Steak

Stew Meat


Ground Beef

Soup Bones

** you may choose not to have one of these cuts and instead have it made into ground beef

We’d love for you to “cowpool” with us. Please contact us to find out how you can purchase meats directly from the farm.


How much space do I need for a quarter of a steer?

A quarter of a beef requires approximately 3 ‐4 cubic feet of freezer space. Or, it takes up a little more than one shelf in a good‐sized upright freezer.

How many people will quarter of a steer feed and for how long?

A quarter of a beef will run anywhere from 80 – 100 pounds, depending on the size of the steer. The meat will feed 2 adults for 6 – 9 months or a family of 4 for 3 – 5 months depending on frequency and portion sizes.


A deposit of $200 will hold your quarter of the steer.

The remainder may be made in two payments of $225 for two consecutive months.

The full amount must be paid before your beef is picked up.

Pick Up:

We will notify you by email when your beef is ready to be picked up. Please remember to bring coolers with you. The beef will be wrapped and frozen.

We are using the butcher in Jefferson at Apple Valley Processing.

The address is:

5675 S Apple Valley Rd.

Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone: 706.335.9304

**If for some reason you are not able to pick up your beef on the scheduled day, it is your responsibility to make other arrangements with the butcher.