I’m often asked what my husband, Dave, does for work.  I’m always stumped a bit how to answer since he does so much!  He and I are certainly those 2 people who are “opposites” but our strengths compliment each other.

Dave is a whiz when it comes to multimedia.  He’s a videographer and photographer.  He writes, edits, and produces nationally syndicated radio shows.  He travels all over the world “capturing” video and pictorial blogs for different ministries.

Dave also writes music!  He’s been playing the piano since he was 3 and he has his Master’s Degree in Piano Performance.  He plays beautifully!  He seems to know when life is extra stressful for me.  When I crawl into bed, he’ll go to the piano and play me to sleep…  some of my favorite moments.

Most importantly – Dave is a phenomenal DAD!!  I always wondered why the Lord gave us 5 girls, especially when I’m not so “girlie.”  I don’t really like to do all those girl things like shopping, baking, etc.


We have 5 girls because Dave is an amazing father to his girls.  While I’m running around “doing”, Dave can be found sitting quietly at the kitchen table having a deep discussion with one of the kids.  He’s also a great dad to Michael, our only son.  There’s special bond since those two are the only males in a household drenched in estrogen.IMG_4921


He and I have had 27 years together and in spite of the normal ups and downs, life has been very good together.  He’s my level-headed realist when I get super excited about a new idea.  He’s the quiet strength behind this family; the comic relief when I’m taking life a little too serious;  and my sounding board when I need someone to help me work through problems.

Dave is our spiritual leader and a true example of a godly man and father.  He’s our rock and provider and the one who makes us all laugh!

So if you find me hesitating when I’m asked about Dave and what he does, this is why!  How do you simply describe such a talented, multi-faceted man?

I love you, Dave!

**to see Dave’s photography, check out his website!