Cows in the Cafeteria

“Cows in the Cafeteria” is a not for profit, grass-roots organization that focuses on providing local beef to Georgia school children.

With obesity on the rise, especially among our young people, the future health of our nation is at risk. Here at home, the state of Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity, with nearly one in three children considered overweight. A factor in this growing epidemic is the nutritional quality of foods served in a typical school cafeteria.

“Cows in the Cafeteria” purchases steers from local farmers, processes them into hamburgers and then donates the beef directly to the local school cafeteria. 

Children are informed about the farmer who raised the steer, thus educating  students about the nutritional quality of pasture fed beef and the economic importance of buying local and eating local.

Lazy B Farm has decided to step up and invites you to join us in making a difference in the lives of Georgia’s children. With every purchase of Lazy B Farm meat, a portion of the profit will go to fund “Cows in the Cafeteria.”


Fundraising Status

Fundraising Status

How much does it cost to provide lunch to students for a day?

600* Hamburgers = Approximately $600

In addition to the direct support “Cows in the Cafeteria” receives from Lazy B Farm, the “Cows in the Cafeteria” program also accepts monetary donations from like-minded folks in our community who want to join us in this nutritional, educational effort.

We appreciate your support of our efforts to provide healthful, local beef for the children of Georgia.  For additional information, please contact or use our contact form to send us a message.

To read the whole story about how “Cows in the Cafeteria” was started, click here.


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