I was at Statham Elementary early this morning.  We were announcing the winners of the Cows in the Cafeteria poster contest.  When I arrived, there was Paige at the front door greeting all the children, reminding them that today was the day they were getting local beef for lunch.

Paige has done a phenomenal job getting the word out about Cows in the Cafeteria and educating the students about local food and good nutrition.

We went down to the room where the announcements for the morning are made.

Photo-op first 🙂

Their announcements were nothing like the morning announcements I remember in school!

They had a closed-circuit camera that went to all the classrooms.  The children did all the announcements and even a little exercise session.

I was very pleased to see that they said the Pledge of Allegiance and had a moment of silence.

They announced the lunch menu – kind of fun to hear the kids talk about the Cows in the Cafeteria.

Next, the big announcement for the contest winners.

While we waited for the winners to arrive, UB (Udder Bomb) and the Diggities sang their rap song, Cows in the Cafeteria.

And here they are!

From left to right:

Elaina – first place;  Ellie – second place;  Carah – third place

The first place poster by Elaina-

Picture with the winners and UB!

I’ll be headed back to the school at 11 to see the Flash Mob in the cafeteria!