I suppose some would consider life in the country a disadvantage for kids…

After all, my kids don’t have the latest new fangled toys.  In fact, they don’t even know what they are because we don’t have t.v.

But my little one seems fairly content with masking tape, a tarp,

an unused turkey tractor…

…and an imagination of her own to create whatever she wants…

With only the wind to be a bit of a disturbance.

True, there are no clocks in her classroom, no bells ringing to tell her she must be finished, think no more about this subject…

Quick – hurry to the next activity!

Perhaps some would argue a lack of time management skills.

But she’s only 9.

The pressure and stress of time will come all too soon.

Some realists might argue that she should play with real replicas of kitchen items.

However, my little one thinks over-turned buckets make a great kitchen counter and stove top,

and an empty laundry detergent continer filled with water is a terrific faucet.

She’s adored by her playmates.

They hang on her every word, agree with her suggestions and ideas – and they love to hear her sing!

They won’t cruelly criticize her or call her names or tell her she’s not their friend today…

They won’t make fun of the clothes she chooses to wear.  They don’t care if they are her brother’s hand-me-down shorts.

Nope, her playmates love her unconditionally and are very content to be with her.

They like her just the way she is…

No grades will judge her neatness or originality…

…or ingenuity

There is just the country freedom to be who she’s been created to be-

unique, wonderful, artistic…

my little girl.

I suppose maybe my country kid is missing out in something —

I just haven’t figured out what it is yet.