I had the best intentions this year, really I did.  I meant to follow, to the letter, all the gardening advice I was spewing forth regarding how to close down the garden for the winter.

“Be sure to clean out all your beds that you’re not planting winter crops in and cover with a mulch or cover crop.”

“In order for next season’s berries to yield a good crop, it’s crucial that you prune away the dead stalks.”

“Don’t allow weeds to germinate and spread their seeds throughout your garden.  A friend once told me that if a weed reseeds itself, you’ll be weeding from that one plant for 7 years.”

“It’s imperative that you pull your crop plants at the end of the season, especially if it still has produce on it.  If you don’t, there’s a higher potential for the spread of disease and the re-seeding of that particular plant come spring.”

“Once the plant has reseeded, like basil, be sure to get rid of the stems.  If you take the time to tidy up your garden in the fall, you’ll be one step ahead come spring.  It’s so much more invigorating to start with a clean slate than to start the spring season by cleaning up last year’s mess.”

“And really folks, be sure you have time to put the plants in the ground when you purchase them.  Otherwise, you’re wasting money and you’ll be frustrated every time you see that poor pathetic plant trying desperately to survive by sending roots through the little teeny holes in the bottom of the plastic containers.”

Hmmm – what is that adage??  “Go ahead and take my advice cuz right now, I’m not using it.”