Day 2 of the juice fast:  today is easier than the yesterday.  Yesterday I was hungry after drinking  the bottled juice (thank you Mary 🙂 )

I made a real juice with an apple, nectarine, banana, carrots, and watermelon.  I took the pulp and mixed it back into the juice and drank the whole thing.

It was great!  I was full right away and stayed full for a long time.  The real juice was much better than the bottled juice and much more satisfying.

Only craving I really had was for salt.  We didn’t have any celery and I know that would have helped.

Slept great last night and awoke right away.  Usually I feel like I’m coming out of a fog a bit in the morning but not this morning – weird as it sounds, my body felt cleaner when I got up.

Went down to weigh myself first thing.  I know you’re not supposed to weigh in every day but I will for the first week or so to see what’s happening.

Weight today: 178.2     Loss: 3.4 pounds.  I’m okay with that!

Walked at 6 am with a friend.  She doesn’t live close by so we talk on the phone while we walk two miles.  I love having the accountability and talking makes the time go faster.

Fed the turkeys and the goats on my return and went to the garden to collect items for breakfast.  Kale and parsley.  I juiced carrots, an apple, kale, parsley and watermelon.  I took the pulp, which was very dry, and mixed it with the juice in the Magic Bullet.  The juice was thick and interestingly, the pulp rehydrated making the juice really thick like a smoothy.  I couldn’t drink it all and for lunch will juice some fruit and add it to the “green” mixture.

Had to be out of the house by 8:30 to meet with Dr. Deleplane to talk bees and some ideas I have for the farm Beekeeping Series.  Great meeting.

I’m building new bridges and walking in new territory with some of the ideas I have but it’s fun, challenging, and it stretches me.  I like it.

Now there will be days in this journal where I will question why I even thought I could step into that territory, so keep me on task and remind me that it’s not about me at all, it’s about others.  When I become “me” focused, that’s when work becomes a drain.  But when the vision of people is put before, the task is easier.

Something I constantly try to teach my kids.  If you’re starting to get depressed or down, do something for someone else.  Works every time!


So I told my kids that we’re working this afternoon to prepare the house and their rooms for school.  We/they start tomorrow.

Not everyone of course, just Michael, Megan, and Ali – but that’s the majority and today, they rule 🙂

When we enrolled them in Master’s Academy last year, I had to work through the guilt of “failing” as a homeschool mom because I was sending them to someone else to be taught.  But then I realized I was expanding their horizon.  I had given them their foundation, values, and core teaching.  It’s okay to allow someone else to embellish the masterpiece that was begun here at home.  They’re still here 4 out of the 5 days….and truthfully, after 17 years of homeschooling, I really enjoy the fact that I’m not responsible for their curriculum.  I also enjoy that block of time to work on stuff for the farm or whatever else I need to focus on for those few hours.  No guilt anymore!

Okay – kids are waiting for instructions and the window of focus is small so I’m off to hand out the chore list.

Thanks for joining me under the arbor this afternoon.