From our garden with love

My debilitating vice?  FLOWERS….lots and lots of flowers!  Can you really ever have enough?  I’ve spent years slowly amending the soil, planning and creating gardens, and digging hundreds of small holes in the dirt to bed down my beautiful flowers.  All that work is finally beginning to pay off, a feast for the eyes and honeybees.


My grandmother was a gardener… mom is a gardener…..and I am a gardener. I don’t remember much of my Grandmother’s garden but I remember she loved visiting my gardens and would meticulously scour the garden in fall for any leftover tomatoes or beans that we could still use. My Beema loved flowers, violets being her favorite. Her daughter, my mom, loves to garden. When we lived in New England, I remember her growing some vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini mostly, but her real love??! FLOWERS!! Lots and lots of flowers – Zinnias and geraniums, petunias and black-eyed susans! My mom’s favorite flower? Daisies…and we had lots of them in all our gardens. Mom would spend hours in the garden – digging, pruning, rearranging. Our yard was bedazzled with all kinds of color, the window boxes full of pink and red geraniums. I loved it as a kid! It wasn’t until I was married and had a home of my own that my latent, dormant love of flowers began to bloom. It all started in Seattle, WA….