I love doing projects.  Makes it feel like Christmas when i know we have one scheduled!  I anticipate the day and prepare with a new found energy.

Lauren, my daughter, had found a picture on Pintrest that she really liked and showed it to me.  Our home doesn’t really have a front entrance – you just walk right into the living room.  That’s why i got the hall tree years ago – hoping to create a place to put “things” when you walk in the door.  But it ended up being more of a piece of furniture for decorations and knick knacks.

I loved the picture Lauren found and pretty soon i’d created a board on Pintrest for Entryways.  Lauren and i conferred and finally came up with a day to do the “project.”  She and her friend, Mattie (who wanted to learn how to use power tools!), spent the night Monday night so we could start right away on Tuesday morning.

I spent Monday drawing on the wall and making a list of supplies.  I also found a DIY video from the Shanty2Chic gals and watched it several times.

With notepad in hand, i headed to Home Depot cuz that’s where the video said i should be able to find all the supplies.  I asked the gal at the front counter if someone could help me.  I told her I’d watched a DIY video and they said to go to Home Depot.  She laughed…i was serious.

The nicest young man, Dane, came to help me and i told him the same thing and he took this project and the supplies very seriously 🙂  After we were through, i told him how much i appreciated his help and could i ask for him specifically when i had another project to do.  Dane smiled and said, Sure!!!  (he may regret that later ;-))


I just might have serious “saw” envy!!


Tuesday morning i was up bright and early but had to wait till 8:30 to awake the project crew – those were the instructions i was given.  Precisely at 8:30 on the dot – i started banging on the door!  “Come on!!  Wake up!!  It’s project day!!!!”  A few groans but pretty soon, out came the two sleepy headed girls.

So this is what our one wall in the living room looked like…. the red door goes to the front porch.  On the right of the picture – the hallway leading to bedrooms and the guest bathroom.


Dane had precut all the pieces i needed from MDF – ever heard of that?  First time for me but i really liked it!  Super inexpensive compared to wood but it can only be used inside.  Can’t get wet.

We caulked the pieces with panel caulk….


And stuck them up on the wall.  It was like doing a puzzle!!


And then – the power tools!!!  A nail finisher and yes, Mattie LOVED learning how to work with the power tools 🙂


Pretty soon, we had the whole grid up on the wall.


Next, the shelf on the top.


Painting – which took sooooo much longer than putting up the pieces on the wall!


And TA DA!!!  A new look to the living room!  I added a bookshelf at the end to give  definition to the entry.  I’ll add more shelves – ran out of wood 🙂


We were super pleased with how it came out and really, it was a simple project with a big impact.

Next – I’ll make a farm bench which will go in front of the wall and black and white pictures of family will be on the top shelf 🙂